Nodal Ninja:

Living Room High Dynamic Range - 2015-01-06

Love the results HDR provides in a very dynamically lit setting!  Check out the ability to see outdoors, indoors, and in the darker parts of the kitchen.  Without HDR, the outdoors would be a white-wash and under the kitchen counter would be unreasonably dark.

·         Incomplete Cylinder (FL = 45mm)
149 images

·         Cylinder (FL=18mm)
38 images


Quadra Living Room (spherical, higher res) – 2015-01-09

168 images + 2 higher resolution

First real attempt at spherical… missed the zenith L.  Played with overlaying a higher resolution shot on the bookshelf


Quadra Driveway (spherical) – 2015-01-20

148 images – High Dynamic Range

Stitching the driveway was a pain in the b..t.  Cheated on the zenith.



GigaPan Epic Pro:



Quadra Living Room – 2015-02-26

First tests of the new “toy”.

·         Partial – 77 images
Playing with very high resolution.  Check out the detail in the bookshelf.

·         Full Spherical – 77 images
Holy smokes!  Because of the alignment accuracy of each shot, it took a total of only 30 minutes of human effort to shoot and stitch.  Because all the blank space on the walls (no ability to find control points there), that would have been a couple of hours’ effort or more using the Nodal Ninja.


Beaver Lake Lower Parking Lot – 2015-03-04

Right at sunset… sun below the effective horizon.  Again… very easy to shoot and stitch.  Perhaps (at most) 2 hours of effort, including travel time) to shoot, post-process and stitch.


Lake Cowichan Boat Launch – 2015-03-06

At the end of the boat launch walkway at Lake Cowichan (very near the weir).  Neat location as far as the view is concerned, but not great for taking gigapan’s… the dock moves!  Lesson learned, low ASA and big aperture aren’t always worth it.

Shot for HDR (total of over 500 photos), which would have looked great.  However, the dock movement caused so many alignment errors on the near side of the lake that it may not be worth the trouble to try to correct them.  So, these are just the mid-range shots, with some exposure/contract adjustment.

Next learning project:  Overlay the high-res cylindrical pano on top of the lower-res spherical.  It’s going to be an interesting and selective challenge… because of dock movement, some of the high-res shots are actually worse due to “camera-shake”.

·         Spherical (88 images)

·         Cylinder – Higher Resolution (87 images)